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That Sweet Summer Music by David Marshall Hunt is a mystery that follows Dalisay, an orphan turned nurse, who encounters a man claiming to be her long-lost father, Reddy Burton. She accompanies him to California, where she discovers his involvement in child rescue and assassination. Dalisay grapples with her nurse's oath to care for people and her desire for family. Readers are taken on Dalisay's journey as she navigates her newfound connection to Reddy and his enigmatic world. She aims to find her role in this unconventional family and business while upholding her nurse's oath. Her first case involves investigating a girl's disappearance from a beauty pageant, which leads her to Righteous, Mississippi. As Dalisay investigates, she uncovers twists and turns in the case, including a revelation about one of the missing contestants.David Marshall Hunt paints a vivid picture of the atmospheric settings as Dalisay’s investigations take her from California’s Berkeley Hills to Righteous, Mississippi, then the Caribbean, highlighting the contrast between the locations. The story explores themes of family, identity, and the moral dilemmas Dalisay faces as she tries to balance her nursing profession with her new role. The characters, including Dalisay, Reddy, and Shannon Lee, are multidimensional, and each carries their own secrets and complexities. Overall, That Sweet Summer Music weaves a tale of mystery, family, and ethical choices against the backdrop of a nurse's professional responsibilities. The novel engages readers with its intriguing plot, dynamic characters, and exploration of moral challenges. Review by Demetria Head Four Star Rating.

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