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A Dark Secret: Under The Protection of Moon by David Marshall Hunt is a gripping narrative featuring mystery, intrigue, and family legacy. Set against the backdrop of forgotten wars and hidden documents, the story follows Reggie Sang, a special operative suffering from PTSD, as he embarks on a journey to uncover his family's heritage and the truth behind a classified document from the 1930s. His father, Charlee Sang, a war veteran with a dark secret, can’t help since he has amnesia. The quest to unravel the mystery of the document becomes more complicated when the only person capable of translating the document is kidnapped. Some influential people want to make sure the contents of the Emperor’s letter are never revealed, but who are they?

David Marshall Hunt creates a protagonist who instantly wins readers' sympathy. Reggie is deeply flawed, haunted by his war experience, and must deal with the amnesia of a father who hides a secret. His quest to uncover his family’s history is genuine and dangerous. He is forced to confront the secrets of the past and the demons that haunt him in the present. The writing is textured and offers vivid descriptions and strong imagery. Scenes like Reggie's high school years at Gonzaga Prep and his training as a sniper in the Air Commandos are particularly compelling, offering a glimpse into the life of a man torn between duty and self-discovery. Reggie's investigation into Operation Prince and Colonel Chō's involvement in chemical weapons development is both enlightening and suspenseful, and scenes like this flesh out the story, making it suspenseful. The author creates realistic relationships. For instance, Reggie’s bond with his father, Charlee, and friendship with Father L and Kat Stevens is incredibly captivating. A Dark Secret is a spellbinding tale of intrigue, betrayal, and a relentless quest for answers. Its compelling characters, splendidly detailed setting, and intricate plot twists will engage readers. Reviewed by Romauld Dzemo

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