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David Marshall Hunt first experienced life in other countries while serving in the U.S. Air Force during the war in Viet-Nam. He was fortunate to visit numerous Asian countries and peoples before returning to the USA. Next he began a career in international banking that took him to Okinawa, Japan, Pakistan, and South Korea. Then came 30 fantastic years of university teaching and research which featured several years of life and work in Africa, the Middle-east, Asia, Canada, and the USA. An interview quoted him as saying, "I am addicted to living abroad at the expense of others, government, employers, endowed professorships, even a Fulbright Professorship in Kenya." Now as a novelist he enjoys and has fun telling tales that are often based on legends and myths about other countries, of which he has knowledge and personal experience. He admits to there being some civics lessons mixed in to the action and mystery, the risks and adventures in his stories. Old habits are hard to break, even when one is having fun. 

“My passion for living abroad is driven by the excitement, risks and challenges that literally come with the territory,” explains the author, “This has exposed me to the legends, history and people that shape vastly-different cultures. My goal is now to share these with readers who themselves are immersed in their own unique settings.”

Continuing, “The audience is naturally broad, and the books convey an eclectic message of seriousness and whimsy in an attempt to include everyone. I work diligently to make my narratives vivid and authentic, so readers can take the same journeys as my characters and interact with the same people. After turning the last page, I hope they will have a renewed interest in and respect for cultures other than their own. If I can quash some stereotypes along the way and even convince people to ditch that home-nation vacation next year and venture across an ocean to see something new…well, that’s mission accomplished!”

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