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Tune in as often as you wish. I am frequently and intentionally difficult to find, as in where in the world is David Marshall Hunt? However, whether following the action, chasing down the facts about a legend on Cheju-do Island off the shores of South Korea, in Kenya's Masai Mara gazing at shooting stars, or sipping an espresso at a London coffee house and catching up on the local news, I shall do my best to stay in touch electronically. If am slow to reply, I am most likely out walking the Akitas or on a daily run in the piney woods of Southern Mississippi.

David puts great faith in interacting with his readers about the process of writing and he loves to share his latest adventures and past exciting experiences from living and working abroad for many years in Asia, the Middle-east, Africa, Canada, and at home in USA. Contact David here or on Facebook and Twitter at the links below.

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