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Lost Sisters is a crime sleuth mystery novel by David Marshall Hunt. When she is not helping with her adoptive family's shrimping expeditions aboard their trawler, Mura "Ryder" Nguyen is busy getting her degree in criminology and doing an internship for private investigator Luka Demings. After her beloved husband lost his life in Afghanistan, Ryder opened up her own private investigative agency, helping people find missing things. But when her friend Tracy Billings brings her the cold case of her missing sister, Augusta, Ryder truly gets her chance to prove herself as a PI. Tracy is the great-granddaughter of Florida's billionaire, WC Billings, and she has just received a mysterious letter. Soon, Ryder finds herself chasing a trail of missing uncut diamonds and an escaped felon with links to the cartel. Will she find her answers in the Tate's Hell Forest? A gripping sleuth mystery with lots of suspense, drama, and shocking reveals, Lost Sisters is a crime investigative drama that mystery lovers should not miss. David Marshall Hunt has spun an intricate web of family drama, betrayal, and intrigue that pulls you in from the first page and has your attention on lock with multiple plot twists and turns you never see coming. This book is an absolute page-turner. Apart from the meaty plot, Marshall also excels in crafting some inherently dynamic characters who will have you cheering for them to find closure. Ryder's determination to rescue Tracy's missing sister mirrors her own desire to connect with her long-lost sister. I really liked that nothing comes easily for Ryder, and she has to employ all her cunning, grit, and courage to solve the case. Anyone who enjoys intricately crafted sleuth mysteries will have a blast with this one! -Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers' Favorite

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