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Why I write novels

When asked why do I write Novels? During my nearly 40 years of international business consulting, research, and teaching at universities around the world, I have experienced and learned many legends, stories, and events. It is a pleasure to share and discuss these exciting and fascinating tales with people from all nations and cultures. Novels afford me a broader audience than textbooks and academic journals. Since retiring from academic life, I most often reply that I enjoy writing in a somewhat whimsical way about events and people that I have found to be mysterious and adventuresome. My series “Secrets of the Star Stone Society” features the apocalyptic event of a comet swarm.

I particularly enjoy developing stories around legends of the past. For example, in my novel "The Star Stone, The Chair, & The Dog" Professor Josiah Craft trips to London in 1682 to view a comet with Halley himself.

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