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Lost Sisters ( A Ryder Nguyen Mystery) by David Marshall Hunt

Lost Sisters Cover HUNTrev2.png

Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers' Favorite

Lost Sisters is a crime sleuth mystery novel by David Marshall Hunt. When she is not helping with her adoptive family's shrimping expeditions aboard their trawler, Mura "Ryder" Nguyen is busy getting her degree in criminology and doing an internship for private investigator Luka Demings.


Dark Secret NEW Cover - Copy.png

A Dark Secret: Under The Protection of Moon by David Marshall Hunt is a gripping narrative featuring mystery, intrigue, and family legacy. Set against the backdrop of forgotten wars and hidden documents, the story follows Reggie Sang, a special operative suffering from PTSD, as he embarks on a journey to uncover his family's heritage and the truth behind a classified document from the 1930s.

That Sweet Summer Music cover - Copy.jpg

Reader’s Favorite

Review Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewed by Demetria Head

That Sweet Summer Music by David Marshall Hunt is a mystery that follows Dalisay, an orphan turned nurse, who encounters a man claiming to be her long-lost father, Reddy Burton. She accompanies him to California, where she discovers his involvement in child rescue and assassination.


Constance A. Hunt’s Preface to Four Wheels [A 1950s teenage saga]

Tim Holcomb, Mark Easton, and the Fisher twins have been pals all through grade school. They are together so much that once at a school picnic, someone in fun called them "The Four Wheels." The boys liked it, and when they enrolled at Wilson High, it seemed a capital idea to launch themselves into high school as the Four Wheels.


 A Family Gathering Mystery

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie (A family gathering mystery) by David Marshall Hunt is a mystery/ psychological thriller novel. This is the first book in a new series entitled A Family Gathering Mystery. These novels celebrate the lost family tradition of gathering for the holidays and for special occasions to dine and tell stories, to pass on to the next generation, or to leave a legacy.

Childhood secrets are hidden in the memory-attic of Professor Daniel Jonson. The mystery begs an answer to, where is the best place to hide a family secret? Lost family and lost memories collide in this story set in the Pacific Northwest in the 1940s interrupted by war and continuing in the 1990s. The story features a twist on the family relationship theme of guilt and redemption.

Flower Girl
A Burton Family Mystery



What happens when a government scientist with top secret clearance teams up with a rogue CIA agent, who happens to be her father?


As a kidnapped orphan, Shannon Lee is hired out as a flower girl on Cheju-do Island, Korea the honeymoon capital of Asia. At 12 she is rescued from being sold as a child bride. Her rescuer is a rogue CIA Agent, who returns her to the USA to get an education. At 26 she is a scientist and linguist with a top secret clearance working for a government contractor when her rogue agent father suggests that they start a family business as assassins for hire. An unexpected turn of events on an assignment sends them back to Cheju-do where she is faced with the difficult choice of service to family and community or revenge. 





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